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Hilary Nangle

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I have three passions in life: Maine, traveling and skiing. Okay, four: chocolate. Maybe five, spa-ing (is there such a word? ) . I guess writing would be my sixth passion. And cheese, oh yeah, artisan-crafted and farmstead cheeses. What can I say, I'm a passionate kinda gal.When I dropped out of grad school, I became a ski-and-whitewater bum, working at ski resort in winter, for a kayaking and whitewater rafting company in summer, and supplementing my wages year round by bartending and waitressing. So I'm pretty well versed in tourism and outdoor recreation.When I got tired of hearing my parents ask: "When...

Andrew Bostock

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Andrew Bostock was born in Kenya in 1972, but grew up in South London. An English degree at Oxford did nothing to prepare him for the real world, and he has pursued the typical 'varied career' of many writers. This has included teaching English in Greece, tour guiding, managing bookshops, and trying to compete with John Simpson and the BBC in getting news out of Zimbabwe. Now a semi-professional travel writer who has been published in several national newspapers and magazines, and apparently a responsible parent, he has spent the last few years trying to decide whether he lives in Greece or England, or should...