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Stephanie Warren Drimmer

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Stephanie Warren Drimmer is a science writer based in Los Angeles, California. She writes books and magazine features for kids about everything from the strangest places in space, to the chemistry of cookies, to the mysteries of the human brain. She has a degree in science journalism from New York University...but she thinks she likes writing for kids because she's secretly still one herself.

Lindsey Stoddard

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I was born and raised in Vermont where I began my love for reading and writing in local libraries and independent bookstores. My parents always like to remind me how well behaved I was growing up, EXCEPT in bookstores. I would run and hide between the shelves because I wanted to live there! I still kinda do... :) I moved to New York City after college and taught middle school English for 10 years in Washington Heights to the most inspiring, creative kids. Their excitement around books motivated me to pursue my other childhood dream, becoming an author for kids. I live with my family in New York City, but we travel...