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Sue Hendra

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Sue studied illustration at university and also sold doughnuts from a kiosk at the zoo. The illustration career won and she has now illustrated what must be a 100 books. When she met Paul Linnet she found another twit with a silly sense of humour so they fell in love and started writing and illustrating together. They wrote such epic sagas as; 'Barry the fish with fingers','Norman the slug with the silly shell','No-bot the robot','Supertato' and 'I need a wee'. It seems that others enjoy their frankly ridiculous stories and they have won prizes and all sorts. Some nice people...

Christopher Silas Neal

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Christopher Silas Neal is an award-winning illustrator and author who regularly contributes to the New York Times, The New Yorker, and creates book covers for various publishers. He has directed short animated videos for Kate Spade and Anthropologie and was awarded a medal from the Society of Illustrators for his work in motion graphics.He illustrated the acclaimed picture books Over and Under the Snow and Lifetime, both of which explore the natural world. Over and Under the Snow, with author Kate Messner was praised for its "stunning retro-style illustrations" (New York Times) , was a 2011 New York Times...