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Joanne Settel

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Dr. Joanne Settel is an award-winning writer of science books for children. Her books present the wonders of science in ways that captivate the imagination. Dr. Settel's most recent book, Exploding Ants And Other Amazing Ways Animals Adapt. was listed as one of the Outstanding Science Trade Books For Children For 2000 by the Children's Book Council. She also co-authored a popular series of children's books: Why Does My Nose Run? , How Do Ants Know When Your Having A Picnic? , and Why Do Cats' Eyes Glow In The Dark? . How Do Ants Know When Your Having A Picnic? was listed as one of the Outstanding...

Stephen Bramucci

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Steve Bramucci is a novelist, travel/food writer, adventurer, teacher, and storyteller. He's rowed down the Mekong River in a traditional Vietnamese x'ampan, ventured into the Outback with Aboriginal elders, and spent four months driving a rickety Nissan Patrol through East Africa. His first novel, The Danger Gang & the Pirates of Borneo!, was published by Bloomsbury on August 1st, 2017.

Steve's story of exploring a long-forgotten pirate graveyard in Madagascar won the $10K Trazzler Oasis prize and his trip across Australia in a car fueled with French fry oil was turned into a TV show. He's...