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Charles Wing

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Charlie Wing, a nationally recognized authority on home building and remodeling, home repair, energy conservation and boating, specializes in translating and illustrating technical information into easily understood layman's terms. A PhD graduate of MIT, Principle Investigator in NASA's Apollo Lunar Program, and Physics Instructor at Bowdoin College, he cofounded the nation's first two owner-builder schools, developed the first DOE-approved computerized home energy audit, wrote and hosted the national PBS TV series, "Housewarming with Charlie Wing", appeared on over 400 radio and television...

Monica Higgins

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Monica D. Higgins, MBA, LEED AP, is a former licensed real estate agent turned construction manager driven by a passion for helping people bring their dream homes to life.  Her proven process and expert knowledge have been featured in media including HGTV, eHow, This Old House, and Entrepreneur. Higgins is the founder of a certified construction management firm and an online learning resource for remodeling homeowners.