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Denise Alvarado

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Denise Alvarado (1960) was born and raised in the rich Creole culture of New Orleans, Louisiana. She has studied indigenous healing traditions from a personal and academic perspective for over four decades. She is the author of numerous books about Southern folk traditions, including the The Conjurer's Guide to St. Expedite, The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, the Hoodoo Almanacs, Workin' in da Boneyard, Hoodoo and Conjure New Orleans, Crossroads Mamas 2015 Spiritual Baths for Every Occasion, the Voodoo Doll Spellbook, Voodoo Dolls in Magick and Ritual and more. Her provocative artwork has been featured on several...

Courtney Sunday

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Courtney Sunday is a health writer, author and mama of one who resides in London, Ontario. She is a former full-time yoga teacher who found a way to instil mindfulness into her life (even during the hectic moments) . She meditates when she can but she still sometimes chooses sleep. Courtney's writing can be found in USA Today, The Globe and Mail and many other publications.