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Easy Jackson

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Easy Jackson is the pseudonym for Vicky J Rose, who also writes under VJ Rose. She's a country girl through and through, born and raised in what was once the wildest of old west towns in Texas. She's held a variety of jobs, including door to door census worker, grocery store clerk, temporary tax accessor field worker, barbershop owner and operator, opening mail for the IRS and hoping it was coffee stains on those tax returns and not something else. In midlife, she somehow managed to earn a degree in journalism from a small West Texas university. Since then, she's published in numerous nonfiction anthologies,...

Charlotte Duckworth

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Charlotte Duckworth has spent the past fifteen years working as an interiors and lifestyle journalist, writing for a wide range of consumer magazines and websites. She lives in the UK with her partner and their young daughter. You can find out more on her website: