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Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing with Others

Stacy Horn · Algonquin Books; First Printing edition
Format: Paperback

Why do we sing? For Stacy Horn, singing in a community choir--the Choral Society of Grace Church in New York--is the one thing in her life that never fails to take her to a transcendent place and remind her that everything good is possible. She's not particularly religious and (she'll...
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Every Trick in the Book

Charlie Dancey · The Overlook Press; 1 edition
Format: Hardcover

Can you make a coin disappear? Or move a matchbook with your mind? As Charlie Dancey shows in this amazing book, the secret is simpler than one would ever guess. From unicycles to levitation to linking rings and other sleights-of-hand, Every Trick in the Book is the quirky, quintessential...
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Sustainable Residential Architecture

Ana Alvarez · Firefly Books
Pages: 399
Format: Hardcover

A showcase of sustainable living in prefab, solar, mobile and modular houses.

In this book, architect Ana Maria Alvarez presents an array of the world's best sustainable residential architecture. Studying houses in many countries, she provides photographs, floor plans and elevations,...

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The Mythology of Grimm: The Fairy Tale and Folklore Roots of the Popular TV Show

Nathan Robert Brown · Berkley
Format: Book

GET INSIDE GRIMM. NBC’s hit television series Grimm pits modern detective Nick Burkhardt of the Portland Police against a cast of terrifying villains—lifted directly from the pages of classic fairytales. In the world of the show, the classic stories are actually a document...
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The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

Rafael Schacter · Yale University Press
Format: Hardcover

Painted murals first appeared in Latin America in the early 20th century; in the 1950s, spray-can graffiti associated with Latino gangs followed, notably the “cholo” graffiti of Los Angeles. Today, street art has traveled to nearly every corner of the globe, evolving into a highly...
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Alexi Lubomirski: Diverse Beauty

Alexi Lubomirski · Damiani
Pages: 192
Format: Print book

England-born, New York-based photographer Alexi Lubomirski has become an established name within the fashion industry, shooting for such publications as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and GQ, and working with cover stars such as Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman,...
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The Splendor of Birds: Art and Photographs From National Geographic

National Geographic · National Geographic
Pages: 512
Format: Hardcover

An elegant collection of the best artwork and photography from the National Geographic archives depicting the magnificence of birds.Bird, nature, and art lovers alike will treasure this sumptuous visual celebration of the colors, forms, and behaviors of the winged wonders who share our world...
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The Southern Journey of Alan Lomax: Words, Photographs, and Music

Tom Piazza · W. W. Norton & Company
Format: Print book

A Best Photo Book of 2012 by American Photo. A new look at the legendary folklorist and his work. More than fifty years ago, on a trip dubbed “the Southern Journey,” Alan Lomax visited Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee, uncovering the little-known...
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The art of comic book writing : the definitive guide to outlining, scripting, and pitching your sequential art stories

Mark Kneece · Watson-Guptill Publications
Pages: 184
Format: Print book

A practical guide for beginner and advanced comic book writers that outlines the steps needed to successfully craft a story for sequential art. With this latest book in the SCAD Creative Essentials series from the esteemed Savannah College of Art and Design, comics writer and instructor...
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Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney's Animation

MINDY JOHNSON · Disney Editions
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover

From the earliest origins of animated imagery, the colorful link between paper and screen was created by legions of female artists working on the slick surface of celluloid sheets. With calligraphic precision and Rembrandtesque mastery, these women painstakingly brought pencil drawings...
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