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Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler: Tackling These Crazy Awesome Years?No Time-outs Needed

Jamie Glowacki · Gallery Books
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback

Real-world, from-the-trenches toddler parenting advice from the author of the bestselling Oh Crap! Potty Training.

Toddlers - commonly defined as children aged between two and five years old - can be a horribly misunderstood bunch. What most parents view as bad behavior is in fact...
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I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere but the Pool

LISA SCOTTOLINE · St. Martin's Press
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover

"Lisa and Francesca, mother and daughter, bring you the laughter of their lives." -- Delia Ephron, bestselling author

The bestselling and "perennially hilarious" mother-daughter team is back with a new collection of stories from their real lives, guaranteed...

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Uncommon Voyage: Parenting Children With Special Needs - A Guidebook

Laura Shapiro Kramer · BookBaby
Pages: 204
Format: Paperback

Laura Shapiro Kramer has turned her experience raising a special-needs child (already detailed in her successful memoir) into a guidebook for other parents.The e-book and web site contain multiple resources and she is building a community of support through Facebook, Twitter, and at
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Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture

Lisa Boucher · She Writes Press
Pages: 278
Format: Paperback

Have you ever wondered if social drinking has unintended consequences to your health, family, relationships, or your profession? Have you ever thought that losing control of your drinking couldn't happen to you or someone you love? All the women you know are too smart. Too rich. Too kind....
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Your Kid's a Brat and It's All Your Fault: Nip the Attitude in the Bud--from Toddler to Tween

Elaine Glickman · Tarcher
Pages: 320
Format: Print book

In this wise and hilarious parenting book, Elaine Rose Glickman tells parents that - when it comes to their bratty kids - the buck stops with them!

You've seen them - kids running wild through restaurants while the parents avert their gaze and order another cappuccino. You've...
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BabyTalk: Strengthen Your Child's Ability to Listen, Understand, and Communicate

Sally Ward Dr. · Ballantine Books
Pages: 274
Format: Paperback

Parents profoundly influence their child's language development, including their ability to listen, understand, and communicate. From birth to three years is the crucial window of opportunity during which a child's learning potential is at its fullest and most formative. Now with this amazing...
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When Your Child Has Food Allergies: A Parent's Guide to Managing It All - From the Everyday to the Extreme

Pages: 240
Format: Paperback

All the answers parents need.

Keeping kids safe takes vigilance. But when your child has food allergies, the challenge is greater and you worry that much more.

As a food-allergy mom (and someone seriously allergic herself) , author Mireille Schwartz has been...
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Ready, Set, Go!: A Gentle Parenting Guide to Calmer, Quicker Potty Training

Pages: 208
Format: Paperback

A calmer, simpler approach to potty training

If you're like most parents, you're as nervous about potty training as your little one is. But help is on the way. This supportive guide provides step-by-step advice for a compassionate and emotionally aware process - one that focuses...
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Happiness Is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest Old

John Leland · Sarah Crichton Books
Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover

Based on the popular New York Times series, life-changing wisdom from an unexpected source: America's oldest old

In 2015, the award-winning New York Times journalist John Leland set out to meet some of the city's oldest inhabitants for a series on America's...

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No More Mean Girls: The Secret to Raising Strong, Confident, and Compassionate Girls

Katie Hurley · TarcherPerigee
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback

In this Queen Bees and Wannabes for the elementary and middle school set, child and adolescent psychotherapist Katie Hurley shows parents of young girls how to nip mean girl behavior in the bud.

Once upon a time, mean girls primarily existed in high school, while elementary...
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