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Serafina and the Seven Stars

Robert Beatty

Serafina and Braeden make an epic return in the hotly anticipated fourth installment of Robert Beatty's #1 New York Times best-selling Serafina series. Serafina, the Guardian of Biltmore Estate, has won battle after battle against the dark forces encroaching on her home. No
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Miles Morales: Spider-Man

Brian Michael Bendis

When Peter Parker falls, the world needs a Spider-Man - and young Miles Morales takes up the mantle! Before Peter died, Miles was poised to start the next chapter in his life in a new school. Then, a spider's bite granted the teenager incredible arachnid-like powers. Now, Miles ha
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DK Publishing

Are you curious about fossils, dinosaurs, and prehistoric life? Then dig into this stunning children's encyclopedia.This fully revised edition of Dinosaur! is loaded with fascinating facts. Did you know that Velociraptor had three large "killer claws" on e
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Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need To Know


Packed with fun facts, bizarre-but-true tales, and quirky insights into everyone's favorite Marvel comic characters, including The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Daredevil.Discover why the Hulk comes in three different varieties--green, gray, and red--and how a frog once gained
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Let Me Fix That for You

Janice Erlbaum

Janice Erlbaum's Let Me Fix That for You is a quirky, touching, and laugh-out-loud middle-grade novel about a girl capable of fixing everything but her own life.Twelve-year-old Gladys Burke may not have many friends, but at least she has her empire. From her table
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Making Friends: Back to the Drawing Board

Kristen Gudsnuk

Dany, Madison, and...wait-another Dany?!-must navigate some very complicated friendships while trying to capture a magical dog that is turning their town upside-down!Almost everything is going great for Dany. She and Madison are still best friends, she still has her
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Kate Hannigan

Hidden Figures meets Wonder Woman in this action-packed, comic-inspired adventure about a brilliant girl puzzler who discovers she's part of a superhero team!Josie O'Malley does a lot to help out Mam after her father goes off to fight the Nazis, but she wishe
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The Twelve

Cindy Lin · HarperCollins
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover

The Zodiac Legacy meets Spirit Animals in this epic, heartwarming own-voices adventure!Usagi can hear a squirrel's heartbeat from a mile away, and soar over treetops in one giant leap. She was born in the year of the wood rabbit, and it's given her extraordinary zodiac gifts.But...
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For Black Girls Like Me

Lockington, Mariama J.

I am a girl but most days I feel like a question mark.Makeda June Kirkland is eleven-years-old, adopted, and black. Her parents and big sister are white, and even though she loves her family very much, Makeda often feels left out. When Makeda's family moves from Maryland
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Not If I Can Help It

Mackler, Carolyn

Willa likes certain things to be certain ways. Her socks have to be soft . . . and definitely can't have irritating tags on the inside. She loves the crunch of popcorn and nachos . . . but is grossed out by the crunch of a baby carrot. And slimy foods? Those are the worst.
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The Boy at the Back of the Class

Onjali Q. Rauf

Overall Winner of the 2019 UK Waterstones Children's Book PrizeWinner of the 2019 UK Blue Peter Book AwardIn the vein of timely titles such as Katherine Applegate's Wishtree and Alan Gratz's Refugee comes a touching, accessible middle-grade debut about th
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The Miraculous

Redman, Jess

In the tradition of heartwrenching and hopeful middle grade novels such as Bridge to Terabithia comes Jess Redman's stunning debut about a young boy who must regain his faith in miracles after a tragedy changes his world.Eleven-year-old Wunder Ellis is a miracolog
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The Hero Next Door

Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola

From We Need Diverse Books, the organization behind Flying Lessons & Other Stories, comes another middle-grade short story collection--this one focused on exploring acts of bravery--featuring some of the best own-voices children's authors, including R. J. Palacio (Wo
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Survivor Girl

Erin Teagan · Clarion Books
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover

In this funny, action-packed middle grade novel from the author of the American Girl Luciana books, Alison gets invited to be on her dad's reality show, Survivor Guy, and faces important realities about her family, self-reliance, and learning to work together with friends. 12-year-old Ali adores...
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My Fate According to the Butterfly

Gail Villanueva · Scholastic Press
Pages: 240
Format: Hardcover

Light and deep, smart and funny, crushing and hopeful all at the same time, My Fate According to the Butterfly will open your eyes to both the world's potential for magic, and to its harsh realities.When superstitious Sab sees a giant black butterfly, an omen of death, she knows that...
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