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Why are some people able to climb the corporate ladder easily while others get stuck? How can you set yourself on a rewarding career path and avoid job frustration? In Develop: 7 Practical Tools to Take Charge of Your Career, Ted Fleming, head of talent development for CVS Health, shares simple, powerful advice for finding the right job or growing in an existing role. Fleming offers actionable tools and step-by-step techniques that anyone can apply to crystallize and achieve their career goals. Based on his more than two decades' experience managing, advising, and researching career growth, he offers an insider's view for navigating organizations where the path to advancement is complex and success strategies are often kept secret. Develop will give you the guidance you need to: Discover what interests you Learn how to communicate your unique gifts to others Uncover what employers are really looking for Network the right way Identify your leadership style Craft a powerful image Create a development plan that will drive results Fleming also offers straightforward advice for navigating discrimination, gender biases, and other barriers to success.

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