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Whether you're making a pint of sauerkraut or a peck of pickled peppers, the "Joy of Pickling" provides all the tools for pickling success Putting up pickles is a time-honored technique for stretching the harvest and getting the most out of fresh produce. But pickling isn't just about preserving - it's a way of creating mouthwatering condiments and side dishes that add interest and variety to the table. Making these salty, sour, sweet, and tangy tidbits isn't hard - as long as you have this comprehensive volume to guide you. This new edition includes 50 new recipes, techniques for preventing yeast and mold growths on fermented pickles, as well as information on the science of pickling. Among the tempting treats you'll find inside: Lower East Side Full-Sour Dills, Cabbage and Radish Kimchi, Pickled Whole Watermelons, Quick Pickled Baby Corn, Cranberry Ketchup, Pickled Whole Cabbages, and much, much more.

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Linda Ziedrich

Linda Ziedrich writes about food from her home in Oregon's Willamette Valley, where she continually experiments with the fruits and vegetables she grows. The Joy of Pickling, The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves, and Cold Soups are fruits of her empirical research as well as her studies of culinary traditions around the world.

For more information about Linda's work, see her blog at agardenerstable.com.

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