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Mouse creates a painting for his new friend Hippo - and Hippo returns the kindness in an unlikely way - in this delightful story about doing your best to make a friend happy!

Mouse offers to paint a portrait of his new friend Hippo, but Hippo doesn't quite fit on Mouse's canvas. Still Hippo is delighted. In return, Hippo returns the favor for his new friend in the best way he knows how. In a surprising story sure to cause giggles, picture book readers will ask for this book over and over again!

About the Author

Mike Twohy

Cartoonist Mike Twohy has been a regular contributor to The New Yorker magazine for over three decades. He has also drawn cartoons for a wide variety of other publications (from Ranger Rick to The National Law Journal) and created a syndicated panel, That's Life, which found humor in everyday situations. The most recent of several books he has illustrated is titled Teaching Opera, the Role of the Opera Workshop, a project close to his heart since his wife, Linda, is a violinist in the San Francisco Opera Orchestra and he became an opera fan years ago. A compulsive doodler from an early age, Mike's career actually began when, as a kid growing up in Northern California, he wrote and illustrated a neighborhood newspaper complete with full comics page, each strip drawn in a different style. In high school he drew a weekly sports cartoon for The Palo Alto Times and later, while majoring in art at San Jose State University, worked as an illustrator of math and reading workbooks. He went on to earn an M.F.A. degree in painting from the University of California at Berkeley with the intention of continuing to paint and possibly teach, but became addicted to freelancing after selling his first cartoons to magazines. Mike became an avid storyteller when his children were young, entertaining them nightly with bedtime stories and daily with "funky chicken" lunchbox cartoons. His first picture book is scheduled to be released by Paula Wiseman Books/Simon & Schuster in the Spring of 2011 and is about a shy pig named Poindexter who likes to read. He lives in Berkeley, California with his wife, cat, and Newfoundland.

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