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Forced from the safety of their commune by a Reaver attack, four survivors journey to a mythical place known as the City.I remember the first time I met Lucy. She was clinging to a tree, a horde of hungry Rages clammering for her flesh. We rescued her and brought her to the commune. She recalled mere fragments of her home. Only the oldest recognized what she was describing.A place where technology still exists. A place the Rages never reached. A place people still have hope. The place we call the City.No one believed her. Except me.Then the Reavers attacked, destroying our home and everything we'd built. We wandered the desert, lost, and without hope. And still, Lucy remembered that place.Does the City really exist? Can she lead us to it? Can we rebuild what we lost?Our journey begins now. But we're not the only ones making it.The Commune is the first book in the brand-new series, After The Fall. Get your copy now and be the first to discover a thrilling new post-apocalyptic world. Discover what happens After The Fall.

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Charlie Dalton

Bestselling author Charlie Dalton writes fun, thrilling, action-packed adventures. His characters are clever and fearless, but in real life, Charlie is afraid of pigeons without a flight plan, dark recesses, and airplanes (just how do they stay up there? ) . Let's face it. Charlie wouldn't last five minutes in one of his books. Signup to my Readers' Group to get a free book and updates on all new releases at: charliedaltonauthor.com

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