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-- -- Josie Prescott, owner of Prescott's Antiques & Auctions, and her new husband Ty have finally found their dream home -- a Victorian beauty on the beach, known in the town of Rocky Point as "The Gingerbread House." It was recently vacated by Maudie Wilson, an aging widow, whose concerned nieces have moved her into a nearby assisted living facility. Josie befriends Maudie, who seems surprisingly sharp, considering her family's doubts about her soundness of mind.As Josie and Ty joyfully begin renovations on The Gingerbread House, the nieces report that Maudie, in her forgetfulness, may have left behind an old trunk, which she's desperate to get back. Sure enough, Josie finds the trunk inside a hidden dumbwaiter, and within it a jewel-encrusted box holding a sculpture of a cat.

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