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Delaney Nichols is confident she's doing what she loves -- case in point, just one day after returning from her fabulous European honeymoon, she's eager to get back to the Cracked Spine, the bookstore where she works. But as she disembarks her bus and hurries toward the shop she and another woman collide, sending a stack of books the woman is carrying to the ground. Delaney's hapless victim's name is Mary, and the two women can't help but notice that they bear an uncanny resemblance to one another. According to Mary, they both also look like the long-beheaded Mary Queen of Scots. Even stranger, Mary believes she is the reincarnation of the Scottish queen. But peculiar as Delaney's doppelganger is, she doesn't have time to dwell on it: on her arrival to the bookshop, she learns the Edinburgh city council wants to close the Cracked Spine, citing code violations, and she's determined to stop them.

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Paige Shelton

Paige Shelton is the New York Times Bestselling author of the Farmers' Market, Country Cooking School, Dangerous Type, and Scottish Bookshop mysteries. She's lived lots of places but currently resides in Arizona. Find out more at www.paigeshelton.comFarmers' Market Mysteries, in order:1 - FARM FRESH MURDER2 - FRUIT OF ALL EVIL 3 - CROPS AND ROBBERS E-book only, short story special - RED HOT DEADLY PEPPERS4 - A KILLER MAIZE 5 - MERRY MARKET MURDER6 - BUSHEL FULL OF MURDER Country Cooking School Mysteries (paranormal series with ghosts) , in order:1 - IF FRIED CHICKEN COULD FLY 2 - IF MASHED POTATOES COULD DANCE 3 - IF BREAD COULD RISE TO THE OCCASION4 - IF CATFISH HAD NINE LIVES5 - IF ONIONS COULD SPRING LEEKSA Dangerous Type Mystery Series1 -TO HELVETICA AND BACK 2 - BOOKMAN DEAD STYLE3 - COMIC SANS MURDER(Audiobooks available) The Scottish Bookshop Mystery Series1 - THE CRACKED SPINE ebook short A CHRISTMAS TARTAN2 - OF BOOKS AND BAGPIPES 3 - LOST BOOKS AND OLD BONES4 - THE LOCH NESS PAPERS (April 2, 2019) 5 - TBA6 - TBA(Audiobooks available) Wild Alaska1 - THIN ICE (2019) 2 - TBAYoung AdultCLOCKWORK

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