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This Is Not My Beautiful Life is the story of how Victoria lost her parents to prison and nearly lost her mind. No one ever said motherhood would be easy, but as she struggles to change diapers, install car seats, and find the right drop-off line at pre-school--no easy task--when each one is named for a stage in the lifecycle of a freaking butterfly! She's also forced to ask herself whether a jump-suit might actually complement her Mom's platinum-blonde extensions and fend off the cast of shady, stranger-than-fiction characters (like the recovering addict who scored a reality show when he started an escort service for women) who populated her parents' world. This Is Not My Beautiful Life is a hilariously funny and unexpectedly moving memoir of a just-functional family you will never forget.

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Victoria Fedden

Victoria Fedden was born to a teen mom in rural Delaware and is the granddaughter of a trucker and a General. With free spirits as parents, she's moved 30 times, living in New York, Vermont, Georgia and South Florida. She has six siblings, one of whom is actually her aunt, and has done done a lot of things to pay the bills. She has conducted telephone surveys, waited tables, been a line cook, worked in a pottery studio, a Waldorf kindergarten and even a strip club. In 2009 Victoria received her MFA in Creative Writing from Florida Atlantic University. After graduating, she taught writing at FAU, Barry University and Palm Beach State College. Victoria is the author of the memoirs Amateur Night at the Bubblegum Kittikat and Sun Shower: Magic, Forgiveness and How I Learned to Bloom Where I Was Planted. Her blog "Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds," which she's written since 2005, was voted 2011's best Humor Blog by the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Victoria's work has appeared in many anthologies and publications and she is a regular contributor at elephantjournal.com. She lives with her family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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