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Harness the power of magic to create a beautiful, healing living space with this unique illustrated guide from the founder of HausWitch, the popular Salem, Massachusetts, store and online lifestyle brand.

Anyone looking to put together their ideal home - full of beauty, comfort, protection, and positive energy - will gravitate to HausMagick, a simple and striking modern handbook for using witchcraft to bring divine wellbeing into every dwelling.

Author and HausWitch founder Erica Feldmann teaches you how to transform any space into a sacred sanctuary using the principles of the HausWitch brand, which brings together earth magic, meditation, herbalism, self-awareness, tarot, astrology, feminist spirituality, and interior decoration.

Organized by six fundamental elements - Manifestation, Clearing, Protection, Comfort, Harmony, and Balance - HausMagick includes herbal recipes for clearing sprays and bath salts, folklore-inspired decorating tips, an overview of tarot, advice on crystals, ancient home healing spells and meditations, and more.

Featuring a sophisticated and inviting layout, filled with more than 100 inspiring colorful photographs, HausMagick is the cool modern guide to a transformed living space.

About the Author

Erica Feldmann

Erica Feldmann has been using intuition to heal spaces from a very young age. A Chicago native, Erica moved to Salem, MA in 2010 to study witches and the sacred feminine in the Gender and Cultural Studies graduate program at Simmons College. The knowledge she gained there, combined with her innate talents with interiors, came together to form HausWitch, a company devoted to helping people heal their spaces and love their homes. Decorating her clients' homes on shoestring budgets taught her about the challenges people confront in their homes and habitats. In 2015 she opened a brick and mortar store called HausWitch Home Healing. The shop is a manifestation of her dream that all people should have a little magic in their homes. Erica now lives in downtown Salem, in a magical haus with her two cats and her wife.

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